The Frederick Chapter of the Democratic Socialists of America Condemns Anti-Trans Event

The Frederick Chapter of the Democratic Socialists of America condemns in the strongest possible terms the organization “Transparency in Education” and the public forum they are scheduled to have on April 5, 2023 at the C. Burr Artz Library.

This organization has submitted a policy proposal, Policy 445, to the Frederick County Board of Education. If passed, this policy would force teachers and faculty to report students’ gender identity to parents or guardians without the consent of the students involved, even when they are not ready to come out. This would put those students under considerable duress and create the potential for violence at home—which Jim Lemann, Founder, does not deny is a possible outcome for divulging such information.

Genspect, the transphobic organization who crafted the policy, has campaigned for disallowing anyone under the age of 25 to transition, socially or otherwise. It is clear that Transparency in Education seeks to control the environments transgender students find themselves in every day to better reinforce the notion that they are not a welcomed part of the community.

The Frederick Chapter of the DSA vehemently opposes any attempt at policing transgender, non-binary, and gender non-conforming students, their social preferences, their bodies, their extracurriculars, and whom they choose to associate with and confide in. The Frederick County School Board has an obligation to the student’s well-being in their educational journey, and nothing should supplant that.

To say Policy 445 is vile is to understate Transparency in Education’s intentions. They want Frederick’s LGBTQIA+ community afraid to be who they are, and are willing to divide Frederick’s community in an effort to silence any queer expression at all.

We, the Frederick chapter of the DSA, believe that transgender, non-binary, and gender non-conforming students should have the autonomy to transition socially or medically as they see fit and the Frederick County Board of Education should support whatever path they take. They should not prod students into divulging anything about their sexual orientation or gender identity to anyone if they are not ready to do so, especially if it may cause harm to them.

We believe that Transparency in Education’s agenda to limit gender expression in our school system is part of a greater plan to curtail transgender and queer representation in Frederick County and Frederick DSA stands ready to fight against the bigotry they actively promote.